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Baby It’s Cold Outside… So Get Out There With Some Festive Spirit!

Dec 18, 2021

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Indoor spaces are always first on the list to get spruced up when it comes to decorating for Christmas but don’t miss a trick by neglecting outside areas, when you can really add atmosphere with just a few simple touches. Need a bit more inspo, then read on…

1. Go with the glow

Make the most of darker evenings and have your garden or balcony dazzling throughout winter. Festive displays give streets a huge lift on gloomy nights and can even help shine a light on shrubs and trees or add interest when things are looking a little bare during the cold months. Whether you put up string lights around window frames and balcony railings, or welcome a full fleet of illuminated reindeer to your front lawn, there are plenty of ways you can brighten up your outdoor space and bring some festive cheer. Keep it clean and contemporary with all-white lights or have fun with multi-colour displays. You can even add a touch of sparkle to the table when you are sitting out sipping your hot chocolate, with the twinkle of battery-operated fairy lights in glass jars or bottles.

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Take it one step further and participate in Illumination Street – a competition set to inspire adults and children to use their imagination and light up the country during the festive season. Share your displays on social media with the hashtag #IlluminationStreetWeek and you could even be in with the chance to win prizes.

2. Branch out

You may not know but the first weekend in December marked Tree Dressing Day – a celebration inspired by a wealth of old customs from across the World, including the Celtic ‘clootie tree’, Japanese, Bhuddist, and Hindu traditions, as well as the 21st Century trend of ‘yarn bombing’ in Europe and North America. This day has evolved to become more than an expression of love for trees and sees communities come together to celebrate the leafy friends they share, tying strips of coloured cloth or ribbon to the trunk and branches of a community tree or trees.

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If you didn’t decorate your tree yet, why not organise your own tree dressing celebration with neighbours and encourage children to take part, learning about the history of the tree, sharing stories and festive cheer, whilst decorating with ribbon, bunting, Christmas ornaments, handmade decorations, or garlands. Some people even like to write messages or wishes on paper and dried leaves to hang from branches. Give wildlife a festive treat at the same time with these homemade bird seed tree ornaments.

For a more private affair, do something similar with the family on a tree in your garden, where you can co-ordinate the theme to tie in with the rest of your Christmas decorations.

All I want for Christmas…

Now you have an outdoor space fit for the North Pole, make sure you have somewhere comfortable to sit to admire your hard work and soak up the atmosphere. LifestyleGarden® has an array of stylish outdoor furniture collections – from snuggly sofa arrangements, to chic dining sets – all beautifully designed to suit any taste and décor style.

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Why not treat yourself to an early Christmas gift? Add an extra sprinkle of Noel with cosy throws and festive cushions to keep comfy as you enjoy a Christmas tipple of your choice, or entertain friends and family in your winter wonderland.



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