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Buy wooden furniture with a clear conscience from LifestyleGarden®

Sep 28, 2023

As this week marks FSC Forest Week, we want to highlight the importance of choosing products made from responsibly-sourced wood and show that you don’t have to compromise on style.

Maybe you see the tree logo and know that FSC™-certified wood is supposed to be the better choice but don’t really understand enough about what it means and the benefits to you and the planet. Well, let us fill you in…

What does FSC-certified mean? 

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is a non-profit organisation that promotes responsible management of the world’s forests. It launched a pioneering timber certification system nearly 30 years ago, promoting sustainable forest management and the recycling of wood material, designed to help mitigate climate change and protect forests under threat.

This certification is now the most respected and widespread system in the world, covering more than 160million hectares of forest globally.

 Forests that are managed to FSC™ standards provide a wealth of benefits to local and wider communities, including cleaner air and water, better conservation outcomes and improved working conditions for forest workers.

Why does it matter and what products are included? 

FSC™ certification enables you, the consumer, to make responsible choices about the products you buy and to support responsible forestry.

You may not realise the scale of everyday items manufactured using materials from forests. The FSC™ system covers wood, paper and other forest products, including textiles, rubber, bamboo, cork, rattan, essential oils, medicinal and cosmetic ingredients, and even maple syrup and honey!

If you see the FSC™ logo on a product, you can be sure that the wood or forest materials used to make that item has come from responsible sources, which are environmentally appropriate, social beneficial and economically viable.

You can find out more about why the FSC logo matters here. 

What if I don’t buy products made with FSC-certified materials?

Buying FSC™-certified products is about protecting forests and the wildlife and people who rely on them. Wood and forest products without FSC-certification aren’t traceable and could come from regions where valuable old growth forest is being cut down illegally using damaging harvesting practices that devastate areas and release high levels of carbon into the environment. It could also impact indigenous populations who are being removed from areas they have been living in for centuries, whilst also threatening rare species and wiping out natural ecosystems. There is no control over chemicals and toxins used on site or the working conditions of forest workers, having an adverse effect on waterways and meaning locals are working in an unsafe environment.

The impact of poor forest management is felt far and wide.

The FSC™ system works to address issues, such as illegal logging, deforestation and global warming, whilst also having a positive impact on biodiversity, environmental conservation and poverty alleviation.

Designs that are making a difference 

Responsible design and responsible materials are at the very core of the products that LifestyleGarden® creates. What we mean by that is, not only do we ensure that all materials used are sourced responsibly and ethically, we embrace thoughtful designs that enable as much of each piece of furniture as possible to be recycled at the end of its life, helping to minimise waste and impact on the environment.

Wood used across the entire LifestyleGarden® portfolio – which is endorsed by the Eden Project – is always FSC™-certified, including virgin eucalyptus and teak sourced from FSC™ forests or plantations, and recycled teak, which is salvaged from components and structures, such as old barns, houses, and railway sleepers.

This summer we launched of a host of striking new FSC™ teak furniture pieces, including exquisite tables and entire new collections boasting warm teak touches. One of the most sought-after wood species in the world, teak offers a more sustainable solution to other hardwoods on the market, which is why we are proud to only use teak from FSC™-certified sources.

Eight chic new FSC teak tables – including the Jade Oval and Jade Square – are available to mix and match with any of LifestyleGarden®’s existing collections. Meanwhile, brand-new ranges showcase sleek modern styles with FSC teak accents and beautiful tabletops. Take your pick from Amber, with luxurious sofa sets and armchairs elevated by tactile circular armrests in stunning solid teak, or the versatile Topaz, which is designed to make entertaining a pleasure by matching contemporary design and comfort perfectly with the natural beauty of wood atop chic grey aluminium frames. 

While these latest teak lines are the exciting new kids on the block, LifestyleGarden®’s game-changing Nassau collection has used FSC Eucalyptus – another stunning hardwood – since its launch in 2019. This beautiful responsibly-sourced wood adds natural character to furniture and offers great durability and longevity. 

Low maintenance luxury 

The hardwoods that LifestyleGarden® uses offer a huge number of benefits, including superior durability, weather resistance, and are also incredibly low maintenance. Colour variations that occur over time are natural features of hardwood and only serve to enhance the character and authentic appearance of the furniture. 

The abundance of natural oils in teak helps prevent any damage that would be caused by moisture, whilst also resisting rot, decay and fungus. This beautiful hardwood has excellent insulation properties, meaning it doesn’t get too hot in the scorching summer weather but also retains its heat during winter. 

You can still enhance your outdoor space with showstopping pieces of furniture when choosing FSC™-certified products, whilst feeling safe in the knowledge that you are making a difference by helping to safeguard biodiversity and protect endangered species. Always be mindful when shopping and check for the tree. 

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