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Celebrate Earth Day With Us!

Apr 21, 2022

Today (April 22nd) is Earth Day. Launched in 1970, Earth Day has helped to bring together over 190 countries and more than 1 billion individuals, as part of this modern environment movement. Focused on transformational change, Earth Day is designed to help us understand how we are all accountable for our role in the ongoing environmental crisis, and looks to drive change through energy, enthusiasm and commitment to creating a new plan of action for our planet.

At LifestyleGarden® we are proudly committed to playing a positive role in protecting the planet, and to placing the spotlight on responsible manufacturing and material innovation. So today, and every day, we want to uphold the values of Earth Day and ask you to join us on this journey!

Future-proofing our planet- how LifestyleGarden® is blending sustainable practices with the ultimate in style and performance

1. Groundbreaking recycled plastic innovation: Nassau powered by Social Plastic® and DuraOcean®

There is no getting away from it; our reliance on plastic is killing our planet, especially our marine life. Recognising that action needs to be taken, LifestyleGarden® has gone above and beyond to create two incredible ranges that optimise sustainable plastic innovation to help counter this threat.

Launched in 2019, the critically acclaimed DuraOcean® collection has, so far, helped to recycled over 204 tonnes of plastic from the maritime industry, including ropes and nets; with each chair utilising 3.5kg of this recycled plastic material.

The culmination of a global ocean plastic recovery project and the first mass-market piece of furniture crafted from recycled marine waste, DuraOcean® continues to boast a sophisticated design and enviable eco-friendly credentials. Design-led and manufactured to the highest possible specifications, these state-of-the-art chairs have become contemporary classics that are proving they will stand the test of time.

However, DuraOcean® was just the start of the journey, as the new Nassau collection – powered by Social Plastic® – attests.

Launched in 2022, this incredible new collection of chairs and tables has been created in a uniquely sustainable way by using ethically recycled Social Plastic® from Plastic Bank, part of an exciting long-term partnership between the two brands.

Not only will every Nassau chair be made from the equivalent of 175 recycled plastic bottles, but the range is already committed to utilising the equivalent of 13.2million bottles (or 264,000kgs) in its first year. However, the impact of the Nassau collection – launched in collaboration with the Eden Project as well as Plastic Bank – goes further than vital environmental protection. In a true industry first, this collection will also close the loop by positively impacting the social and economic communities within the Plastic Bank supply chain through the use of Social Plastic®. Put simply, this is ethically recovered plastic that helps fight ocean pollution, whilst simultaneously improving the lives of those who collect it. Collectors are awarded bonuses for the material they bring to Plastic Bank’s recycling centres; bonuses that help them to provide basic family necessities, such as groceries, school tuition, internet access, health insurance, cooking fuel, and much more.

In a further true industry first, LifestyleGarden® is able to access Plastic Bank’s real-time data visualisation, enabling us to see exactly how its products are impacting communities and people, as well as being able to determine where material has been collected and by which collector.

2. Duresin®

Like the new Social Plastic collection and DuraOcean®, Duresin® has been created to showcase the fantastic ‘green’ uses of plastic. The material features a unique formulation of 100% virgin polypropylene without fibre glass and contains no harmful chemicals. Each Duresin® piece can be recycled without waste or damage to the environment and is injection moulded in order to create hard-wearing, recyclable and maintenance-free products. Once injected into the mould and formed, polypropylene and composite polypropylene are extremely durable, creating long-lasting furniture with UV resistance, which only requires soap and water to maintain a long-lasting look.

3. AluPrint®

New-for-2021 AluPrint® is boggling the minds of many! The patented printing technique creates beautiful and hyper-realistic finishes on aluminum profiles. In fact, the effect is so convincing that LifestyleGarden® has created special ‘We can’t believe it isn’t wood!’ merchandising signage to showcase this unique material innovation within the retail environment.

Created entirely in-house, the AluPrint® finish enables a natural look to be added the metal whilst also maintaining a very low weight and high durability. The process also means that little details are not forgotten, the requires zero maintenance, and offers premium weather resistance, meaning each piece will meet the high quality that has become synonymous with the LifestyleGarden® brand.

LifestyleGarden Bermuda Alu Print

4. DuraBoard®

DuraBoard® has created a lot of noise in the marketplace since its introduction. Duraboard® – an innovative material for outdoor tabletops – is an environmentally-friendly material that is durable, highly UV-resistant and has a unique surface finish. It features two main components, FSC-eucalyptus sawdust and polyethylene resin, extruded to create a strong, durable structure. The tabletop is treated with a UV-coating process, receiving a multi-layer coating, which makes it highly resistant to scratches and weather conditions.

The production of Duraboard® occurs entirely in-house, enabling each stage of the process to be closely monitored for quality control purposes. Due to the combination of the two components and the highly durable surface finish created, LifestyleGarden® Duraboard® is the future of tabletop surfaces.

LIfestyleGarden Solana Dining set

5. Petan®

Another winner in LifestyleGarden®’s armoury is Petan®, a synthetic rattan fibre that is not only durable and weather-resistant but is also a wicker that displays a natural colour and feel; providing consumers who want something natural looking with another great option, without compromising on quality or longevity. Petan® is made from raw polyethylene, mixed with eco-friendly colour additives, resulting in a range that’s 100% recyclable.

LifestyleGarden Bermuda Dark Bistro Set

6. Aluminum & Duracoat®

LifestyleGarden Palau 3 seater sofa set

Aluminum offers the latest in contemporary style and the great news is that all LifestyleGarden® aluminum furniture is fortified and protected with Duracoat®. Not only does this multi-layer, oven-cured powder coating offer sophisticated appeal, but it provides a high-class finish that’s resistant to the worst that British weather can throw at it. Cast aluminum in the Portals range is manufactured using die-casting technology, allowing for ergonomic design and the creation of unique shapes. The result is supremely weather-resistant and lightweight aluminum frames, protected by Duracoat®, to ensure that furniture stands the test of time.

7. FSC™ Teak

Teak remains one of the world’s most desired species of wood. With its rich golden-brown hues and ability to resist the weather, teak’s rustic beauty ensures that this beautiful timber never goes out of fashion. LifestyleGarden® is proud to only use teak that is FSC-certified, meaning it’s grown in responsibly-managed plantations – while teak is also sourced and recycled from structures on the island of Java, taking sustainability to a whole new level.

LifestyleGarden Bahamas sofa set

8. Rope & textiles

It’s easy to create a stunning outdoor space with LifestyleGarden®’s Rope – a premium-quality material made from olefin yarn, which combines strength with high performance. Handwoven by skilled craftsmen, LifestyleGarden®’s rope holds the latest in contemporary appeal. Finally, LifestyleGarden®’s fabrics collection ticks all the boxes: excellent weather-resistance, durability in all climates, easily cleaned and maintained, with a premium appearance that resembles woven linen fabric.

LifestyleGarden Ipanema corner set



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