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Dine in style this Christmas

Dec 19, 2023

Lifestylegarden Bahamas Christmas

However you plan to celebrate this Christmas, LifestyleGarden® has the perfect furniture set for you. Here, we take a look at three collections or products that will wow your guests and make your festive get together a roaring success.

1. Nassau powered by Social Plastic®

Think dining elegance but with a conscience. This stunning collection will seat up to six people comfortably, providing a chic background to your celebrations, whilst also creating a real talking point over dinner when guests discover the incredible story behind Social Plastic®. This ground-breaking material creates furniture that is helping to clean up the planet, whilst supporting communities in Southeast Asia that have been affected by plastic pollution. The beautiful FSC hardwood table brings a warm tone that will enhance your Christmas table display. Coated in our unique Duragrain® finish, the durable tabletop will hold up well during big celebrations and family dinners and, whilst designed to last you years, the set can be disassembled and all components recycled at the end of their life, so it has minimal impact on the environment.

lifestylegarden christmas nassau

2. Panama Dark

Picture the scene, you’ve eaten your fill of Christmas lunch and now want to kick back, relax but also keep festivities going. Maybe there isn’t space to sit everyone in the living room or you could have some fun after-dinner games planned. Well, the Panama Dark 8-seater reclining dining set, with its five-position chairs, is the perfect solution to help you stay sociable but not have to prop yourself up awkwardly in a rigid dining chair. Our unique WeatherNet® and built-in headrests provide glorious support, as you lean back, so you won’t be missing the sofa at all. This is easy dining at its finest. Even better, the easy-clean, low-maintenance materials used in this collection means you won’t have to worry about spillages if people get over-excited during the games or nod off and knock something over. WeatherNet® is quick-drying, extremely durable and can easily be cleaned with a little soap and water.  

lifestylegarden panama dark dining set

3. Bahamas

Christmas Day isn’t all about formal sit-down dinners and startling centrepieces. You might have something a little more casual and cosy planned, which is where the Bahamas collection comes in. Ideal for relaxed conversation, a few nibbles and gift opening in pure comfort. Take your pick from the corner and U-shaped coffee sofa sets to suit your space, ease into the sumptuous cushions – filled with premium fast-drying foam and covered in Olefin for ultimate stain resistance and durability – for a Christmas celebration that screams pure luxury. Keep a few throws to hand if you and your guests fancy snuggling up and watching a Christmas movie.

lifestylegarden bahamas corner set

A few little extras

  • Avoid cluttering up the table with this handy Portals Dark tea trolley. Perfect for helping you bring food from the kitchen, or freeing up dining table space by holding serving dishes (ready for second helpings), bottles of wine or dirty plates headed for the sink. You could even set it up as a stylish mobile bar, on hand for guests to select their favourite after-dinner tipple. Its chic matt black aluminium frame means it can blend into any décor scheme and will be an elegant addition to any celebration.
  • If Christmas Day for you is more about relaxing, watching Christmas TV and indulging in a few tasty treats with your favourite person, then a recliner companion, with two reclining armchairs and a side table, is right up your street. Available in the Samoa collection, and both Bermuda Light and Bermuda Dark.
lifestylegarden portals dark trolley