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Don’t forget to wrap up this winter

Jan 20, 2024

Temperatures have plummeted in recent weeks, leaving many of us huddled indoors. As we layer up and stay cozy inside, spare a thought for your outdoor furniture. Yes, LifestyleGarden®’s durable collections are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, but that doesn’t mean they couldn’t benefit from a bit of love this winter to prolong their life and make your life easier at the same time.

Take these simple steps to protect furniture in harsh winter conditions.


1. Give it a quick clean

Outdoor furniture can always benefit from a quick clean if you are planning to cover it up for a period of time. Not only will it fare better once it is under wraps, it will also save you a job when you come to uncover your set in spring. We know it’s cold but you won’t have to be outside long if you do it properly. Most dirt can be wiped off with soapy water or, for stubborn grime, give your set a quick spray with LifestyleGarden® Multi-Surface Cleaner, wait a few minutes and wipe off to reveal amazing results. Fabric on parasols and cushions can also be cleaned with our dedicated textile cleaner. Make sure all items are completely dry before covering.

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2. Store cushions and textiles separately

Whilst furniture covers are great for keeping cushions and other fabric items dry during the summer months, we always recommend removing cushions when covering furniture sets for extended periods or when rain and snow are expected. This is to help prevent damage from any slight seepage or condensation build up. To tidy these away neatly, consider a cushion storage bag  to be used inside an outdoor cushion box or put away in a warm, dry space.

LifestyleGarden Palau

3. Secure furniture

We’ve certainly had our fair share of windy weather so far during autumn and winter and the last thing you want is your furniture being blown about and getting damaged. Hardwearing materials, like aluminium, offer outstanding weather resistance and have the added benefit of being lightweight and easy to move around the garden but this also means you need to keep them secure in blustery conditions. Moving your furniture closer to a wall or the house will provide some protection from the wind. If possible, choose a bordered spot like a back entrance porch or fenced patio. Stack chairs them together – either on top of one another or alongside each other – to limit exposure to the elements and provide extra stability due to their collective weight. Collapse folding chairs and parasols.

LifestyleGarden Panama Dark dining set

4. Get covering

LifestyleGarden Furniture Covers

Now it’s time to tuck your furniture up for a bit to keep it protected from the elements and until you are ready to get out and enjoy your outdoor space again. Of course, the robust materials we use in all of our collections are made to withstand whatever the British weather can throw at it but it doesn’t hurt to cover furniture up during the winter. Our selection of covers keep furniture clean, prevent leaves and other debris falling onto furniture, whilst also protecting from rain, snow and weathering. Store parasols under their own dedicated cover too, if you wish. Not only does this help to prolong the life of your furniture, it also means it will be ready to go once the weather warms up.

5. Give it a bit more weight

We’ve already mentioned the pesky wind, so would always suggest you anchor furniture covers to add extra weight, keep the cover taut and prevent it lifting off in any sudden gusts.

It is also a good idea to tent furniture covers to create slanted sides, helping rainwater run off rather than pooling or collecting in crevices. It will also prevent too much snow collecting in the centre and weighing down the cover. For a quick fix, look no further than our furniture support kit, complete with peg-on sandbags to add weight to the edges of the cover and a support pole to quickly and easily raise the centre of your cover. It beats an old garden broom propped up underneath your cover and is definitely more reliable.

LifestyleGarden Furniture support kit



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