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Focus on… Aruba

Feb 21, 2023

LifestyleGarden Aruba

Modern living calls for flexible furniture solutions that maximise the space in our homes and gardens, whilst working to meet our daily needs – oh, and it is also expected to look super stylish doing it! A tall order but, fortunately, the Aruba collection delivers on all fronts. This highly-versatile range, with its elegant grey birch palette, blends easily into a wide range of schemes and allows you to truly get the most out of your outdoor area. Another plus is that the unique synthetic wicker used to make Aruba furniture is 100% recyclable at the end of its life, so this range really does tick all boxes.

Crowd-pleasing chic

The beauty of such a timeless design with stylish grey tones is that it fits so easily into any space and compliments a wide range of décor schemes. This contemporary collection, with its huge variety of seating options and configurations, suits all tastes and occasions.

The handwoven double crescent Petan® wicker offers an elegant finish that adds interest to any outdoor space. Items in this range are luxurious and tactile thanks to the unique appearance and texture of Petan®, which truly mimics natural wicker and showcases real craftsmanship.

LifestyleGarden Aruba corner casual dining bench set

Space saving style

The Aruba collection not only helps to transform your outdoor area but it also maximises the use you get out of it. The stacking chairs, available in all dining sets and the bistro set, mean you can tidy away when furniture is not in use – ideal if space is at a premium.

Equally, the Aruba lite corner set and Aruba mini corner casual dining set both benefit from a more compact footprint, allowing those with a smaller garden or balcony to still enjoy a modular corner sofa set-up. Complete with sofa, table and stools, these inspired furniture sets, can still seat up to four or five people and are perfect for casual dining or simple relaxation.

LifestyleGarden Aruba mini corner casual dining set

The Aruba collection boasts such a great range of flexible options that there is a configuration to suit every space and lifestyle. Clever functional products, such as the height adjustable table, really elevate this range, giving you a 2-in-1 product that can take your set from coffee to relaxed dining, with a simple ‘lift and twist’ movement.

Another great stand-out is the Aruba sit-on corner side table, which converts a chair into a corner side table by simply removing the cushion and adding in this handy table-top. You’d be hard pushed to find this level of versatility and style with other furniture ranges on the market.

LifestyleGarden Aruba casual dining set

Extreme comfort

LifestyleGarden Aruba outdoor bistro set

It might look the part but don’t be fooled into thinking the Aruba collection is simply form over function because the seating in this range is very much designed to be enjoyed.

Premium fast-drying foam used to fill the plush cushions provides maximum comfort, whilst the strong, yet flexible, Petan® wicker provides optimum support and give. Combined with the ergonomic flow of the chairs and sofas, this collection is designed to enhance relaxation and make entertaining a pleasure.

Built to last and low maintenance

Like all of LifestyleGarden®’s collections, Aruba has been created with durability and sustainability in mind. This range boasts the next generation in tabletops, thanks to the use of Duraboard® – a unique formula of polyethylene and FSC-certified sawdust. Duraboard®’s multi-layer coating and UV treatment means it can stand up to all weather conditions and will retain its colour for many years.

LIfestyleGarden Aruba lite stool dining set

Meanwhile, the stunning wicker weave in this collection is made using a unique durable rattan-style material called Petan®, which is environmentally friendly, durable and extremely weather resistant.

Developed to provide the highest levels of performance, the innovative material still maintains the colour and feel of natural wicker. And, unlike other synthetic weave furniture on the market, Aruba is built to last and stay looking as good as the day you bought it, thanks to excellent colour fastness, which means that the elegant grey tones you fell in love with won’t fade. For added peace of mind, all Petan® furniture is supplied with a five-year warranty.

Another bonus with this range is that both Petan® and Duraboard® are completely maintenance free, so not only can Aruba save you space, it also saves you time.

Inspiring innovation

Not only do these revolutionary materials deliver outstanding furniture for you to enjoy and use to enhance your outdoor space, but they also have a positive impact on our planet, making Aruba a responsible choice.

LifestyleGarden® prides itself on its commitment to using sustainable materials to create its show-stopping, long-lasting ranges and is dedicated to employing methods that support the environment and a circular economy.

LifestyleGarden Aruba
Petan® is made from raw polyethylene, mixed with eco-friendly colour additives, making this incredible material 100% recyclable at the end of its life. Furthermore, it does not contain harmful chemicals or heavy metals, such as cadmium, lead or chromium, which are sometimes used by other manufactures.

DuraBoard® is extremely safe for the environment and has been manufactured using recycled and closed-loop materials. The sawdust is from FSC-certified wood and, even better, the material is 100% recyclable at the end of its lifecycle.



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