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Focus on… Nassau

May 15, 2022

LifestyleGarden Nassau carver chair, Eve rect table 180x95cm, 76h, FSC LOT, PLC HOY-CSN-SGN, TEA FSC (5)
A celebration of colour and panache, Nassau is the perfect example of how style need not be compromised by sustainable design and manufacturing. If anything, it only serves to enhance it! The game-changing Nassau collection delivers serious innovation in both its chic aesthetic and in its positive contribution to the environment and to communities across the globe. This is furniture with a conscience. Let the stunning pastel hues of this contemporary recycled plastic collection breathe life and a touch of the Caribbean into your home or garden, whilst making a difference to our planet.

Chic Danish design

LifestyleGarden Nassau carver chair
The clean, simple lines of mid-century modern design and Scandi style remain a firm favourite in interiors but, for an added twist, this year’s inspiration is to add a pop of colour and imbibe the Danish pastels trend. The Nassau collection has a stunning palette of pastel pink, greens and yellow, with furniture available all in one colourway or as a mixed set. Perfectly complimented by hardwood FSC Eucalyptus accents, Nassau furniture is the perfect way to infuse a room or outdoor space with warmth and playful character.
The striking modern chairs are also offered in soft ecru white – which sets a striking tone against the warm wood – or dark green – another on-trend shade for the year – meaning there is a style to suit all tastes and décor schemes.

Not only does this furniture look exceptionally stylish but the ergonomically-designed bucket seats are extremely comfortable and allow you to sit back and enjoy time on your own or with friends and family in both a relaxed environment having coffee and drinks or in a more formal dining setting.

Pioneering plastic

The revolutionary materials used by LifestyleGarden® to create its outstanding furniture have been carefully selected based on the positive impact they have on our planet. The ground-breaking plastics used to create Nassau, in particular, offer the most environmental advantages out of all the materials in the company’s portfolio.
With Nassau, you have a choice of DuraOcean® or the brand-new and exclusive Nassau powered by Social Plastic®; both of which help tackle the global plastic pollution crisis. DuraOcean® chairs are made using recycled marine plastic, with each chair responsible for removing 3.5kg of maritime plastic – primarily discarded fishing nets – from our oceans.

Meanwhile, Nassau chairs powered by Social Plastic® are moulded using reprocessed ocean-bound plastic that has been gathered by Plastic Bank members, who receive a premium for what they collect. These chairs are helping to both combat plastic pollution and also end poverty in parts of the world.

LifestyleGarden Nassau carver easy chair
Both of the recycled plastics are mixed with eco-friendly colour additives and are free from harmful chemicals, making these incredible materials 100% recyclable. Nassau furniture can simply be disassembled and recycled at the end of its life, with zero waste or damage to the environment.

Built to last and low maintenance

Like all of LifestyleGarden®’s collections, Nassau is designed with durability and sustainability in mind. Just as style doesn’t suffer with Nassau, performance is also not compromised by the use of eco-friendly, recycled materials in this range. The Nassau collection is built to last and stay looking as good as the day you bought it, thanks to excellent UV stability and colour fastness.

Both DuraOcean® and Social Plastic® is highly weather resistant, hardwearing and maintenance free. The most you might need to do is give it a wash with soap and water, if it gets dirty. For added peace of mind, the furniture comes with a five-year warranty.

And, don’t think the beautiful hardwood legs are going to prove a chore either. Unlike other wooden furniture, the FSC-certified eucalyptus used for the table and chair legs can be left to age naturally, with minimal care required. The eucalyptus is a stunning living material that is both durable and long-lasting. Any minor cracks and colour variations that occur over time are natural features of this hardwood and only serve to enhance the character and authentic appearance of the furniture.

For added protection, all of LifestyleGarden®’s hardwood products have been specially treated in-house with a unique water-based finish, Duragrain®. If you’re keen to maintain a pristine look, you can re-treat the wood with LifestyleGarden®’s Wood Sealer and Wood Protector, which will restore the unique warm colour.


Colours: Mint green, dark green, sage green, peony pink, honey yellow, white
Material innovations: DuraOcean®, Social Plastic® Duracoat®
Configurations: Nassau chair, 6cm bistro set, 7cm bistro set, round coffee set, four-seater square dining set, six-seater rectangular dining set.



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