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Focus on… Palau

Mar 10, 2022

Name: Palau

Colour: Dark grey

Material innovations: DuraCoat®, Olefin®

Configurations: ottoman, sofa chair, side chair, corner chair, two-seat sofa, three-seat sofa, three-seat coffee set, duo sofa set, corner coffee set, lounge set, deluxe u-corner coffee set

For a stylish, relaxed vibe but furniture that still makes a statement, LifestyleGarden®’s eye-catching aluminium range is where design meets comfort. The dark grey aluminium frames and beautiful teak accents immediately transform any space, whilst lush charcoal cushions complete the look and provide the ultimate lounging experience. Palau helps you chill out in style!

Sitting pretty

Probably LifestyleGarden®’s most striking aluminium collection, Palau strikes the perfect balance between style and comfort, thanks to its stunning matt grey finish, clean lines and luxurious Olefin® cushions. The finishing touch – beautiful FSC-teak accents on arm rests and tabletops – adds a warm Pacific coast twist to this show-stopping collection.

This is laid-back style that feels effortless but has real impact, elevating any outdoor or semi-outdoor area. The dark grey frames provide a softer and more sophisticated feel compared with black outdoor furniture, which can sometimes appear stark, helping Palau to tone and complement a wide variety of spaces and décor schemes.

And, forget the old adage of suffering for fashion or beauty because plush linen-look cushions in charcoal grey set the scene for casual entertaining with superior comfort, meaning you and your guests can kick back, catch up and admire your beautiful furniture set at complete ease.

Flexible solutions

A huge benefit of aluminium furniture is that it is lightweight, making it even easier for you to move items around quickly and change formations to suit your requirements or cater to guests.

Equally, the huge range of options available with this outstanding modular collection means that you can tailor your seating area exactly to meet your wants and needs. Whether you want a cosy corner coffee set (available in right- and left-hand) or a more relaxed set up, like the chaise lounge set or just a mix of sofas and armchairs, there is an option that can give you the outdoor area of your dreams.

Enduring and low maintenance

It may be light but Palau delivers a heavyweight performance when it comes to facing the elements. Durable and with extreme weather resistance, Palau packs a punch thanks to its rust-free aluminium – so robust that it is commonly used for boat building and water-sensitive shore applications – giving you complete peace of mind that this collection can take anything our climate can throw at it.

For extra fortification, all aluminium components and products are coated with Duracoat®, a polymer-based, multi-layer powder coating, specially developed by LifestyleGarden® to provide unparalleled protection against the weather.

The multiple layers of Duracoat® are also what give the frames their sleek, smooth appearance but, best of all, it makes this furniture virtually maintenance free. With extra defence against the weather and everyday wear and tear, Palau will endure and retain its colour year after year. The most you need to do to keep it looking great is wash with a little soap and water, if needed.

LIfestyleGarden Palau

Actually, no more maintenance is required for the stunning linen-look woven cushions either. Made from ground-breaking fabric, Olefin®, these cushions boast outstanding durability, excellent weather resistance and fast-drying technology. Furthermore, this pioneering material is resistant to abrasions, stains, sunlight, fire and chemicals, which means cushions will stay looking pristine with minimal effort from you. Any dirt can be easily removed using a bit of soap and water with a wet cloth.

Meanwhile, teak is the natural choice for premium outdoor furniture, as it is renowned for its strength and attractive appearance. The wood doesn’t require any additional maintenance and ages beautifully if left to its own devices, with the original golden-brown colour gradually being replaced by a silver-grey patina. This can give a gorgeous rustic appearance and means you won’t have to lift a finger. However, if you prefer the original shade, you can quickly and easily treat the teak tabletops and armrests with LifestyleGarden®’s wood dealer and spray-on wood protector.

LIfestyleGarden Palau

Inspiring innovation

These revolutionary materials deliver outstanding furniture for you to enjoy but it is also extremely important that they have a positive impact on our planet. LifestyleGarden® prides itself on its commitment to using sustainable materials to create its beautifully crafted, long-lasting ranges and is dedicated to employing sourcing and manufacturing methods that support the environment and a circular economy.

The company will only ever use FSC-certified wood in its furniture and the teak that enhances Palau’s stylish design is sustainably sourced, grown in responsibly-managed plantations, helping to protect a much sought-after and vital resource in our world.



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