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Focus on… Solana

May 29, 2023

Sleek lines, straightforward design and completely maintenance free – what more could you want from your outdoor furniture? The modern Solana range is built to last and looks great in any setting. With space-saving options and flexible solutions, it is a perfect fit for smaller urban settings and is guaranteed to enhance the time you spend outdoors.  

Sophisticated style 

With clean lines and a chic grey sanded finish, Solana beautifully complements any modern outdoor setting in a fuss-free way. This classic, tasteful design complete with a host of clever functional products is at much at home in a small urban garden as sitting on the patio in a rural garden. 

Bringing together durable, yet stylish, aluminium frames with the unique Weather-Net® for maximum comfort, Solana will bring out the beauty in your outdoor space in a simple, elegant way. 

Easy space savers

Solana not only looks stylish but has some great flexible options if space is at a premium. Its Easy Carver chairs are stackable, helping you to tidy away and maximise space when your furniture isn’t in use. For a more laidback outdoor living experience, Solana offers stacking wheel loungers, allowing you to soak up some rays and then wheel or stack out of the way when you’re done. If stacking furniture isn’t what you’re looking for, then the position folding chairs are bound to tick all the boxes. Not only are these reclining chairs the epitome of comfort, they can then be neatly folded away and stored when you’ve finished entertaining 

Another smart item in the Solana collection is a folding square table, which again affords you greater flexibility in your patio or balcony. Even better, the table is self-levelling, so you won’t have to worry about uneven ground affecting your enjoyment or spilling your morning coffee As all products in this collection are made with lightweight aluminium, moving them around is an absolute breeze. 

Sit back and relax 

This striking collection may exude minimalist chic with its clean, crisp lines but all of the seating has been designed with comfort in mind. All Solana chairs boast LifestyleGarden®’s innovative Weather-Net®; a finely woven yarn that takes away the fussiness of cushions but still provides a supremely comfortable seat. This exclusive material is flexible, with great elasticity, and provides serious support, making these chairs suitable for heavy use. It is also fast drying, so there won’t be any soggy bottoms if you head out after an unexpected downpour. 

For another step up in the comfort stakes, consider Solana’s position chair – a folding five-position reclining chair that lets you lean back and enjoy the summer in style. Configurations like the mixed 6-seater dining set are supplied with a mix of carver chairs and position chairs, providing a glorious dining experience for you and your guests 

Even more indulgent is Solana’s stacking wheel lounger. The ultimate combination of ergonomically designed reclining chairs and game-changing Weather-Net® technology means this is a collection designed to enhance relaxation and make entertaining a pleasure. 

Built to last and maintenance free 

As with all of LifestyleGarden®’s ranges, Solana has been created with durability and sustainability in mind. It is also important to us that you don’t lose time on the upkeep of your furniture, which is why we love to use maintenance-free materials that stay looking great with zero effort from you.  

Solana benefits from the next generation in tabletops in the form of Duraboard® – a unique formula of polyethylene and FSC-certified sawdust. Duraboard®’s multi-layer coating and UV treatment means it can stand up to all weather conditions and will retain its colour for many years. 

The aluminium in our furniture is typically used for boat building and watersensitive shore applications, so it is tough stuff! To take it up another notch, we then coat this robust aluminium with Duracoat®, a polymer-based, multi-layer powder coating that provides effective protection from the weather. This incredible coating provides unparalleled protection from the elements and everyday wear and tear. It also means our aluminium furniture is completely maintenance free and has excellent colour fastness. 

Inspiring innovation 

Of course, it’s important that these revolutionary materials deliver outstanding furniture for you to enjoy but it is also vital to us that they also have a positive impact on the planet. LifestyleGarden® prides itself on its commitment to using sustainable materials to create its show-stopping, long-lasting ranges and is dedicated to employing methods that support the environment and a circular economy.  

DuraBoard® is extremely safe for the environment and has been manufactured using recycled and closed-loop materials. The sawdust is from FSC-certified wood and, even better, the material is 100% recyclable at the end of its lifecycle.  

Aluminium, Duracoat®, and Weather-Net® are safe for the environment and manufactured in an environmentally conscious way. LifestyleGarden® protects the environment by minimising waste, reducing emissions, reducing consumption of resources and energy. 

Name: Solana 

Colour: Grey with sanded effect 

Material innovations: DuraCoat®, Duraboard®, Weather-Net® 

Configurations: square outdoor coffee set, 2-seater garden bistro set, square 4-seater dining set, 160cm rectangular 6-seater dining set, 160cm rectangular mixed 6-seater dining set, 201cm multi 8-seater dining set, 162cm rectangular mixed 6-seater dining set, 2-seater position chair garden bistro set, plus carver easy chairs, foot rest, stacking wheel lounger, and a selection of tables 



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