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Focus on… Topaz

Apr 7, 2023

Bringing together some of the very best unique sustainable materials LifestyleGarden® has to offer, Topaz is a harmonious marriage of comfort and performance. This exclusive new collection is elegant and designed for lounging and entertaining in style but is built for strength, providing you with the perfect solution for your outdoor space. 

Chic design 

Elegant aluminium profiles in classic dark grey are softened by tactile Rope® or Olefin® cushions for the ultimate in outdoor style. The stunning honey tones of FSC virgin teak used on tabletops and armrests warm up this palette beautifully and avoid a stark look, helping Topaz to blend seamlessly into your outdoor space. The clean, modern lines, ergonomically-designed seating and woven rope details tap into key trends in outdoor living and will effortlessly compliment any décor scheme. 

Spoilt for choice 

Whether you want a formal dining set or something more casual for entertaining and relaxing, Topaz has all bases covered. With a selection of dining sets that can seat up to 6 around a stunning rectangular table, plus modular corner sets, daybed options and compact, chic two-seater sofas, you will be guaranteed to find the right set for your outdoor area. For the perfect compromise between formal dining and lounging, there’s the Topaz casual dining set, providing the perfect setting for relaxed entertaining. Equally, with stacking chairs available, there is plenty of scope for clearing extra seating away to free up space when not needed.

All of LifestyleGarden®’s furniture is suitable for use inside and out, so if you’re on the hunt for a flexible solution that works in a multi-functional space, Topaz is exactly what you’re looking for; delivering comfort and luxury wherever you need it. 

Comfort is key 

This stunning collection may be made to stand up to the elements but that doesn’t mean it’s unforgiving in the comfort stakes. The very opposite, in fact, as Topaz harnesses the very best of LifestyleGarden®’s innovative materials to keep you and your guests sitting pretty. 

From the supportive, yet supple Rope, which is soft and gentle to touch, with just the right amount of give to let you lean back and take a load off, to game-changing Weather-Net® technology used to create sumptuous, padded backrests and seats on dining chairs, this is a collection designed to enhance relaxation and make entertaining a pleasure. 

Built to last and maintenance free 

As with all of LifestyleGarden®’s ranges, Topaz has been created with durability and sustainability in mind. It is also important to us that you don’t lose time on the upkeep of your furniture, which is why we love to use maintenance-free materials that stay looking great with zero effort from you.  

The aluminium in our furniture is typically used for boat building and water-sensitive shore applications, so believe us when we say it is tough stuff! Taking it up another notch, we then coat this robust aluminium with Duracoat®, a polymer-based, multi-layer powder coating that provides highly-effective protection from the weather. This incredible coating provides unparalleled defence against the elements and everyday wear and tear. It also means our aluminium furniture is completely maintenance free and has excellent colour fastness, so you don’t have to worry about rust or faded colours ruining the look of your outdoor set. 

Weather-Net® also packs a punch when it comes to endurance. The polyester yarn used to create the hardwearing mesh in Weather-Net® has high strength and elasticity, which when woven and pressed, makes for one of the most durable materials available on the market. Added UV protection means products will retain their original colour for years to come.  

Inspiring innovation

Of course, it’s important that these revolutionary materials deliver outstanding furniture for you to enjoy but it is also vital to us that they also have a positive impact on the planet. LifestyleGarden® prides itself on its commitment to using sustainable materials to create its show-stopping, long-lasting ranges and is dedicated to employing methods that support the environment and a circular economy.  

Aluminium, Duracoat®, Olefin®, and Weather-Net® are safe for the environment and manufactured in an environmentally conscious way. LifestyleGarden® protects the environment by minimising waste, reducing emissions, reducing consumption of resources and energy. 



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