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Create A Quiet Corner To Curl Up With A Book

Dec 18, 2021

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This month, we celebrate both International Literacy Day and Read a Book Day, so make sure you’ve got the perfect set up to sit back and immerse yourself in a good page-turner; indoors or out.

1. A room with a view

Of course, your eyes will mainly be glued to the pages of the book you’re devouring but you also want to have something lovely to look at when you do occasionally glance up, so pick your spot carefully.
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Whether your view is out over your balcony or looking towards a favourite corner of the garden, it should be something that inspires, just like the words you’re reading. If your reading nook is in a sunny or cosy spot indoors but you don’t quite have the outlook you’d like, position yourself by a window or spruce up the area with some of your favourite artwork, photos, or even just a vase of flowers.

2. Keep it comfortable

LifestyleGarden Nassau
This is, arguably, one of the most important points if you want to enjoy your secluded reading spot for any period of time. Fortunately, LifestyleGarden® knows all about comfort and has plenty to offer on that front. Even better, all of our furniture is suitable for use inside and out, so you have complete freedom to build the reading nook of your dreams.

For the ultimate indulgence, why not invest in a daybed, where you could happily close your eyes and drift off into your own literary world. If you have company, the luxurious and elegant wicker-style Bahamas range also offers a day bed set for two.

Whatever your set up, a few extra cushions and pillows or throws will always make the space look even more inviting.

3. Embrace the power of plants

It’s been well documented that plants in our homes and gardens offer huge benefits for our health and wellbeing. Just being around plants can lift our mood, boost creativity, and also give us something beautiful to look at (remember the importance of a good view). Gardening and caring for plants also help to reduce stress and provides a great sense of enjoyment for people. Whether indoors or out, surrounding yourself with greenery can really elevate your special reading spot, so seek out some lovely planters, fill them with flowers or foliage you love to look at and harness the power of plants.

Awaken your senses also by choosing scented varieties, like lavender, peonies, sweet peas, honeysuckle, or choiysa. Take it to another level by growing edible plants, like strawberries, blueberries, tomatoes, patio peppers, or cucumbers that could provide a tasty treat to nibble on while you lose yourself in your book.

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4. Make clever use of space

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Don’t have much room to play with? Make sure you maximise every inch. Choose your furniture wisely and look for something like the Nassau collection, with its stunning round table with clever carrying handle, making it quick and easy to relocate as and when you need to.
Make use of smart storage to tidy cushions and throws away if you can’t leave them out or even to stash your reading material if you don’t have a bookshelf handy. Indoors, a simple wooden storage bench in a recess could be just the trick. Pop a few cushions on top for comfort and chuck them back in the box when you’re done. Outside, why not invest in a cushion box, (available in our Aruba, Martinique and Samoa collections) to complement your outdoor living style.
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5. Think about lighting

Good lighting not only looks stylish and helps zone an area as your reading den but can also keep you reading into the wee hours if you can’t bear to put your book down. Indoors, you can use elegant floor or table lamps to light the way but don’t think you’re limited in the garden because now, with a wide selection of gorgeous exterior LED freestanding floor and table lamps available to buy, you can fashion a quirky living room aesthetic outdoors. Alternatively, create atmosphere with strings of festoon lighting overhead or lanterns for a warm glow whilst you enjoy that page turner.

Just as you don’t want to be squinting in the dark to read, you also don’t want to be melting in the glare of the sun either, so be sure to have some shade in place if you are outside, either with a parasol, sail shade or by positioning yourself under a tree. Generate natural shade and immerse yourself in the heady scent of plants, like jasmine, clematis, wisteria or climbing roses, by growing them up a pergola or arbour to sit beneath.

LifestyleGarden Nassau

6. Get flexible

LifestyleGarden Nassau
Modern living means flexible living and creating a space that fits in with your lifestyle. LifestyleGarden®’s Aruba collection boasts a square table with adjustable height that can be used for coffee and cosy conversation or quiet reading, before transforming into a taller dining-style table within minutes. Perfect if the book club decide to stay for something to eat.
Or consider the stylish and comfortable Arno range; is an extremely flexible modular solution that offers endless possibilities and options to suit any area. The only limit is your imagination, so get creative, play around and mix up the space as you see fit; zoning off a quiet reading corner for yourself that can re-join the group when you want.
LifestyleGarden Nassau
LifestyleGarden® furniture ranges are suitable for use inside and out, as they benefit from high durability and extreme weather resistance. This gives you more choice over how you use your furniture and the opportunity to move items inside and out, to suit your needs. Eve is one such collection that blurs the lines between interior and exterior décor, with a striking selection of armchairs, sofas, ottoman, and tables that exude mid-century modern chic. Blending beautiful teak hardwood and iconic turquoise blue cushions with clean Nordic design, the collection will add comfort and style to any indoor or outdoor space, helping you to blur the boundaries and relax with a book wherever the mood takes you.
LifestyleGarden Nassau
LifestyleGarden Nassau
Alternatively, for a contemporary cottage-style look, the wicker Martinique range boasts sofa chairs, a chaise lounge and rectangular coffee table that looks as much at home in a living room or conservatory as it would out on a patio or balcony.

7. Be responsible and relax

On a side note, if your book of choice this month happens to be David Attenborough’s A Life on Our Planet, or anything relating to climate change, rest assured that the LifestyleGarden® furniture you are languishing on as you read is made entirely from sustainably-sourced materials, many of which – including our Petan synthetic rattan fibre and Duresin polypropylene – are completely recyclable.
Creating a quiet place to read and reflect might give you more time to think about your impact on the world but hopefully, knowing you made a better choice by buying from a responsible company that protects the environment by minimising waste, CO2 emissions and the consumption of resources and energy, will allow you to relax and enjoy your furniture (and your book) even more.



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