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How to make your Bonfire Night go off with a bang

Nov 3, 2022

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It’s time to wrap up, look to the night sky and get ready to indulge in the hundreds-year old tradition that is Bonfire Night or Guy Fawke’s (November 5th). If you don’t fancy trudging to a muddy field to watch a firework display or want to celebrate in a more environmentally-friendly way this year, then we have some great ideas.

Get cosy

Whether you’re watching the pennies or simply can’t be bothered to drag out on an autumn’s night, entertaining at home can be a far more cost-effective and relaxed way to celebrate Bonfire Night. It also means you can stave off the chill by snuggling up and getting cosy in your own back garden or balcony. Hey, if you have a good enough view of a local display, it’s a win/win!

The beauty of being in your own space is that you don’t have to stand around in a field or park somewhere for hours and can, instead, sit in comfort to enjoy whatever celebrations you have planned.

Create a luxurious environment with enough seating for you and any guests, with plenty of blankets and throws to hand for an added bit of warmth. For that extra glow, a fire pit or outdoor heater will no doubt be a welcome addition, as well as some soft outdoor lighting or candles. The Samoa Casual Corner Dining Bench set can comfortably seat up to 8 adults with a flexible configuration and two easily-moveable benches.

For the ultimate indulgence, the Samoa daybed provides a wonderful way to lay back and look skyward for any fireworks.

LifestyleGaredn Mili daybed

Fill those tummies

A big part of Bonfire Night celebrations revolve around food, so make sure your guests aren’t left with empty stomachs. Have snacks at the ready, a BBQ banquet or hearty comfort food to warm from the inside out. From pumpkin pasta to campfire stew, there’s plenty of recipe inspiration for meals that taste delicious and won’t pull at the purse strings as much as overpriced burgers and other food on offer at organised displays.

Whether you’re after relaxed dining or something more formal, a handy height-adjustable table – as seen in LifestyleGarden®’s Samoa and Bermuda Light collections – gives you much more freedom when entertaining.

LifestyleGarden Bermuda Light

Think differently

Yes, Guy Fawke’s Night has been celebrated for years with bonfires and fireworks in remembrance of the gunpowder plot but that doesn’t mean you have to follow suit with booming blasts that send the neighbourhood pets running and release harmful toxins into the atmosphere – and that’s not even counting the number of 999 calls outs! Why not break from tradition and consider marking the occasion with something a bit more planet friendly and less dangerous?

  • Head to a laser show – avoiding fireworks doesn’t mean you have to miss out on sparkly lights. Find a laser show in your area for a more earth-friendly alternative
  • Create your own light show at home – invest in a fireworks light projector, don glow-in-the-dark clothes, get out the mini torches and have fun with eco-friendly glowsticks that are non-toxic and recyclable
  • Light a bonfire or campfire – keep it safe and clean by using only untreated wood, branches and small amounts of leaves, cardboard and paper to avoid dangerous fumes and don’t forget to check for any hedgehogs or other wildlife that could be hiding underneath before lighting



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