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How To Pull Off A Fun Outdoor Halloween Party

Oct 28, 2022

LifestyleGarden Coffee Set with Halloween Decor

Make this year’s Halloween a memorable event with lots of fun by throwing an awesome Halloween Party right in your garden that your families and friends cannot forget.
Curious about how to pull this Party off? Follow us to explore the three easy steps to an impressive outdoor Halloween Party.

Get Crazy with Your Halloween Decor

Do not hold back when it comes to Halloween decorations. If it’s an adult party, choose the creepiest themes you could find in horror movies, for example, zombie apocalypse, haunted house, or deadly graveyard.

However, if your guests also include small children or the elderly, you can opt for friendlier options without losing the Halloween spirit. Make use of the classic Halloween shades: lots of orange, black, and purple. Decorate your space with the best pumpkins you could find. Then add some orange-tinted items such as the reminiscent fiery red autumn foliage, orange pillows, orange balloons, etc. If you’re feeling wicked, carve monster faces (or cute faces, of course) onto your pumpkins. Print out a skull, bats, insects, or witches stickers and stick them onto the pillows and balloons or on the wall, depending on your preferences.

LIfestyleGarden Bahamas Coffee Set Halloween Decor

Lastly, don’t forget to prepare all the comfortable seats for your beloved guests. LifestyleGarden Bahamas sofas can always be an amazing option to give your guests the soft and sturdy support that they can sink themselves into at any casual gatherings.

LIfestyleGarden Bahamas Coffee Set Halloween Decor

Bring on the “Bloody Buffet”

Make it easier for yourself with big plates that people can share and lots of small bite snacks. Prepare everything in advance and place them all on the table for everyone to self-serve and throughout the party, all you have to do is to enjoy it.

Benkir Donmez pumpkins
sheri silver Halloween monster cookies

Some Halloween appetizers you may check out are the monster-inspired small bites such as mummy hotdogs (sausages wrapped in cheese dough rolls), spider cupcakes, bat cookies, and zombie marshmallows.

If you’re not afraid to take it up a notch, big boards of charcuterie can make anyone fall in love with your Party. Get up to Pinterest and be inspired by numerous Halloween-themed Charcuterie boards: a skeleton in a coffin, an insect mix, a meat skull, ghosts and pumpkins, etc. Apart from all the sweet bites, make the meal varied with healthy options. Don’t hesitate to mix in delicious fruits like grapes, blackberries, strawberries, oranges, bananas, or kiwis.

And don’t forget the spooky drinks! Present a big glass bowl of “blood” to set the spooky mood made with pomegranate juice and sparkling soda. For adults, look up for reddish cocktail punch recipes and serve them in IV bags.

Halloween Party Food and Drinks

Not confident in your food preparation abilities? Contact your nearest catering services. Be clear about your budget and they will present you with suitable options to choose from.

Dress the Part

Bet you’ve been waiting for this! No Halloween Party can be fun without a Costume Contest!

Halloween Costume Party

Put up a prize for the best costume in town: the most creative, the scariest, or the cutest (for kids). Make sure all guests are aware of the contest in advance and the prizes, too!

The prizes could be as simple as a bag of sweet treats like candies and chocolates. However, you can make it grander with DIY certificates or DIY rosettes.

Now that all is set, wish you an amazing Halloween with the funniest and scariest memories with your loved ones!



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