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How To Throw The Perfect Summer Garden Party

Jun 20, 2021

Throw the perfect summer garden party

We’re going to whisper this quietly as we can’t believe but……parties are back on! Being able to meet with friends and family in the garden is music to our ears. But if you are looking at your garden furniture and thinking that it’s seen better days then worry not, we’ve got you whatever your style of party is!

Relaxed catchups

If your idea of the perfect party involves sitting back and relaxing with friends over a glass of wine or two then the Bahamas collection will be your new best friend.

These chunky, low-level sofas and armchairs are just calling out for you and your friends and family to curl up on them and catch up on the events of the last 12 months. Made from LifestyleGarden’s specially formulated Petan® wicker the Bahamas collection is built to last so you can guarantee style season after season.

LIfestyleGarden Bahamas

Dazzle your friends with magical materials

LIfestyleGarden Dur

If you haven’t done much over the last 12 months and are worried you won’t have anything to talk about with visitors, then worry not as LifestyleGarden’s material innovation are the perfect conversation starter.

The award-winning DuraOcean® is made from 3.5kgs of maritime ropes which would otherwise be causing insurmountable damage to the many lifeforms that call the ocean home. Since its launch the DuraOcean® has helped to prevent over 150,000 kilograms of plastic from polluting our oceans.

Or why not add the new-for-2021 Panama collection to your garden, which features LifestyleGarden’s unique new finishing technology which gives the illusion of wood accents on the chair arms and tabletops. In fact, the effect is so convincing that LifestyleGarden® has created special ‘We can’t believe it isn’t wood!’ merchandising signage to showcase this unique material innovation within the retail environment.

LifestyleGarden Panama

Dining in style

LifestyleGarden Samoa Family

We’re all missing those long hot nights dining whilst on holiday. The balmy tropical air wrapping itself around you as you sample local delicacies and wash it down with crisp wine or a chilled beer……the banter from the friendly waiter….making friends with the family at the table next to you……before strolling back to your room ahead of another day of relaxing. Perfect. Whilst LifestyleGarden® can’t guarantee good weather or supply you with the waiter of your dreams, what we can do is provide you with a dining set that will make summer evenings feel a little bit more exotic than usual! Introducing the Samoa collection, designed exclusively in partnership with the Eden Project.

LifestyleGarden's Samoa

Located in the heart of the South Pacific Ocean, Samoa is best known for its incredible climate, stunning beaches and its relaxed lifestyle. LifestyleGarden® and the Eden Project have worked together to embody these elements in the collaborative design of the Samoa range.

From high-backed recliners for maximum comfort to sofas and extensive dining sets, the Samoa collection combines style and functionality. What’s more, Samoa does all of this whilst also boasting superb sustainability credentials. The entire range is made from PVC-free materials that are either recycled or recyclable. It’s also backed by LifestyleGarden®’s dedication to only using sustainable and responsible manufacturing processes; processes that stood out to the Eden Project and prompted this exciting collaboration to come to life.

Recipe for success

Now you have your furniture sorted you might want to consider a few other aspects to ensure that your guests enjoy their time in your garden.

  • Have some cosy blankets on hand to help your guests stay warm should the temperature dip.
  • A firepit or chimenea is a great way of gathering everyone together. Toast marshmallows or just watch the flames flicker for a relaxing end of evening wind-down.
  • Sharing bowls of snacks are off the menu at the moment so consider putting together a smorgasbord of snacks for your guest. Tailor each platter with things you know each of your guests love to give them an extra warm and fuzzy feeling.
  • Don’t want to keep nipping indoors to top up drinks? Invest in a stylish drinks bucket, or cooler to keep drinks chilled all day (and night!) long.
  • It’s ok if socialising feels a bit alien at the moment so consider breaking the ice with a few games.
  • Lastly, have plenty of hand sanitiser at the ready so that guests can freshen up whenever they need to take them.



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