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Make light work of winter woodcare

Dec 10, 2022

Wooden furniture looks stunning outdoors – instantly transforming any area into a chic space to dine, relax and enjoy – but there’s nothing like the dread that rolls around when you think of the maintenance to keep it looking pristine. Don’t be disheartened so easily because, if you buy the right furniture and the right care products, you’ll find the process doesn’t have to be a chore.

Look for a low maintenance relationship

LifestyleGarden® strives to create furniture that requires little-to-no maintenance because we want people to spend their time enjoying their furniture instead of committing hours and hours to caring for it.

Unlike some of our completely maintenance-free materials, such as aluminium and Duraboard®, natural wood can require some TLC to extend its life and keep it looking its best, but the beauty of the hardwood we use for the wooden elements in our collections is that it has been treated with a unique water-based finish, Duragrain®. This coating provides outstanding protection, whilst ensuring that the natural grain of the wood can still be appreciated through the coloured finish. Products coated with Duragrain® come with a two-year guarantee and will retain their colour for many years, offering fantastic longevity.

It is worth remembering though that wooden products that are constantly exposed to the sun and never covered will naturally fade over time. Some people like this appearance and feel it adds character but, if you want a pristine look, we do advise some maintenance. Fear not, we have found a way to keep it relatively pain free…

Keep it clean

Whilst hardwood – including our stunning FSC Eucalyptus – can be left untreated and will naturally change colour over time, we know some people like to maintain or restore the original shade. That’s where our Eco Safe Wood Cleaner comes in handy. This high concentration cleaner, with its non-hazardous, water-based formula, will remove any grime that has built up over the summer, whilst clever brightening ingredients work their magic to help restore discoloured dark grey teak and hardwood. It’s so quick and easy to use; you just spray, wipe and step back to admire your sparkling garden set.

Nassau Bistro set

Seal the deal

As a living material, teak naturally will change colour as it ages and gain a silver patina, giving outdoor furniture a beautiful rustic look and not requiring any work from you, particularly as it is such a durable material.

However, if that isn’t the aesthetic you want in your outdoor space, grab yourself a bottle of LifestyleGarden®’s Brown Wood Sealer to immediately restore the original warm golden tones of your teak furniture. As well as being eco safe, it also offers fantastic UV resistance and is so straightforward to use, you’ll be delighted by the results.

lifestylegarden nassau

Simply give your teak furniture a light sand and wash down with soap and water or the Eco Wood Safe Cleaner, before applying the sealer evenly with a cloth, brush or hard sponge. It takes just an hour to dry before you can apply a second coat, if desired.

You won’t believe the transformation or how quick and easy it is to achieve the look you want.

With a quick wipe, you can also use our Wood Sealer to touch up the oiled finish of our hardwood products, such as the striking Nassau dining set.

Protect what you love

Of course, an extra layer of protection on wood is always welcome during the winter months but actually it’s not just the weather your furniture needs saving from. We’ve all got those friends who just can’t seem to keep a glass of wine upright or the over-enthusiastic dinner guests who are guaranteed to spill or splash something whilst telling a story. Take the pressure off and keep your wooden tabletop protected with a quick spray of our game-changing Wood Protector, which impregnates the surface, making it difficult for wine, olive oil or butter to seep into teak or other hardwood.

This invisible and transparent coating makes the surface water repellent, helps prevent stains, inhibits the growth of mould and mildew, and maintains the beautiful patina of the wood for longer.

 Don’t put off winter woodcare, expecting it to be a tough task. Arm yourself with the right products and it really will be a breeze getting your furniture set back to its best, helping wood to face the winter months and look its best for next season.



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