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Multi-functional living with style

Jun 6, 2023

Multi-functional products have seen a boom in popularity, as the nation looks for solutions to maximise shrinking living spaces and outdoor areas. Also, with the cost-of-living crisis biting right now, furniture has to work harder than ever to offer good value and fit in with people’s lifestyles. So, how do you find the right multi-functional furniture set for you? 

Choose something that suits multiple spaces 

With so many design-led pieces available these days and the lines between indoor and outdoor becoming increasingly blurred, it makes sense to have furniture that works in both spaces, providing you with much more flexibility when entertaining.  

The beauty of LifestyleGarden®’s collections is that all items are suitable for use both inside the home and in a wide range of outdoor spaces. With elegant designs, clean modern lines, premium upholstered cushions, and even rich warm wood tones, any of our collections fit perfectly with interior décor schemes. But the real bonus is that they are tough enough to be left outside year-round, if you wish and can withstand extreme weather conditions, thanks to a host of highly-durable, low-maintenance materials 

Let’s face it, the dream is a chic dining set or luxurious sofa that can make a style statement both inside and out and that can move around to fit in with your lifestyle and the seasons. Take your pick from the show-stopping Jade teak table, which can be teamed with seating from any of LifestyleGarden’s collections for a striking dining set, or the Amber Sofa set, for optimum comfort. 

Go modular 

Modular sofa units open up a world of options and allow you to build your furniture around your space. Think sectional sofas with daybeds, chaise lounges, and corner units to create a layout that works for you – from L-shape, to U-shape, and everything in between – plus the added flexibility of changing things up depending on the occasion.  

Bringing a modular set into your home, garden or balcony, will allow you to really make the most of the area and take multi-functional living to the next level with relaxed entertaining, lounging or even home working in comfort. Plus, with compact models now available, you can still find a modular unit with a footprint that works for you, even if space is at a premium. Clever models with built-in side tables, like this Topaz sofa, also mean you don’t have to struggle to find room for a freestanding table. 

Opt for something tough and built to last 

When it comes to furniture, nothing will work harder than LifestyleGarden®’s collections. Our ranges are designed with endurance in mind and are extremely hardwearing, standing up to the elements and unpredictable British weather. We use the toughest, most ground-breaking materials to create our stunning products. From DuraBoard® – the next generation in tabletops – to Weather-Net®, and robust aluminium with our unique DuraCoat® finish (a polymer-based, multi-layer powder coating), our sustainable material innovations are unrivalled in the market and will guarantee outstanding, reliable furniture that lasts for years to come. Offering frost and UV resistance, combined with high strength and elasticity in products made from Weather-Net® or Petan®, our furniture won’t crack, fade or split in extreme temperatures or with heavy use.  

Seek out clever products 

Maximise the space you have by seeking out products that have clever quirks and multiple uses, providing you with that added flexibility. Picture seating that can be converted into a handy side table, height-adjustable tables that take you from coffee to dining in a matter of minutes, and even a side sofa chair and ottoman that come together to make a daybed or separate chair and stool. You don’t have to have these clever additions but they definitely make life easier and entertaining more fun! 

Equally, smart sets like Topaz casual dining offer the perfect compromise between formal dining and relaxed entertaining. It lets you play with your space and switch between lounging and relaxed conversation to a formal dining set up, with a simple rearranging of furniture. You can also add or take away seating according to the number of guests you’re expecting. 

Look for low maintenance 

Remember, your furniture is supposed to be putting the work in for you, not the other way around, which is why you should always opt for something with little-to-nomaintenance needed. Not only will that free up your time to enjoy it more but it also avoids hiking up the costs associated with taking care of your set.  

Despite the luxurious appearance of our furniture collections, they all require very little maintenance to keep them looking pristine. With durable materials like aluminium, DuraBoard®, and DuraOcean®, it’s probably little surprise that a little soap and water is all that’s needed to clean dirt off and keep them sparkling – particularly with UV protection preventing colour loss – but you may not realise that our sumptuous Olefin® cushions and rope are just as tough and hassle free, thanks to properties that mean they repel stains and water. Again, just a simple wipe with a bit of soap and water will remove any marks and, as Olefin is quick drying, your furniture won’t be taken out of action for long after a quick shower. 



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