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Tidy Up But Don’t Shut Up Your Outdoor Space This Autumn

Nov 7, 2022

LifestyleGarden Palau sofa set

Autumn is the perfect time to give gardens a good tidy after a busy summer, helping you to get ahead for winter, but don’t be fooled into ‘shutting up shop’ early. Your outdoor space still has plenty to offer this season, whether you want to keep busy or just relax and make the most of being outside.

Get growing

Believe it or not, autumn is perfect for planting certain species of shrubs and landscaping trees, enabling them to become established before spring arrives. This is ideal if you are looking to give your outdoor space a bit of structure or added interest. It is a good time of year for planting evergreens and conifers because the ground is still warm from summer but also quite moist, which helps to encourage early root growth.

It’s also a great time to get bulbs in the ground, ready to deliver a burst of colour next spring. For a long-lasting display that requires minimal effort, you could plant up a ‘bulb lasagne’ in your pots, baskets or beds by layering up bulbs that flower at different times throughout the year.

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If you have a kitchen garden or allotment plot, there are still some tasty treats you can plant in September, including shallots, spring onions and spinach. Garlic needs a long growing season to thrive, so sowing this month will encourage a bigger and better crop.

Root crops are also said to be sweeter and crisper when grown in autumn, so get planting those radishes, carrots, beetroot and turnips!

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Tackle autumn gardening jobs

There’s nothing like having a quick tidy to spruce up your space and get it ready for the season ahead. Clear out summer bedding that is bound to be looking well past its best and fill your containers, borders and beds with stunning winter bedding to instantly refresh your garden, balcony or windowboxes. Take your pick from heathers, cyclamen, violas, pansies, primroses, polyanthus, bellis, and late-flowering chrysanthemums for an instant boost of colour that will last throughout autumn.

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If you have a lawn, a bit of TLC in the autumn months never goes amiss. Trim grass and raking off any thatch (a collection of dead grass or moss) will help water and fertiliser get through more effectively. There are a number of products on the market you can use to feed and weed your lawn during the autumn to keep it looking pristine.

You’re bound to have a few dead leaves that need sweeping up to make the area look tidy but if you welcome wildlife into your garden, pile these up in a quiet corner with some sticks and dead wood to make a cosy corner for insects and hedgehogs during the colder months.

Enjoy your space

Of course, there’s plenty to keep you busy if you enjoy gardening but don’t forget to actually take the time to relax and enjoy your space. Temperatures may not be rocketing into the thirties this month but that doesn’t mean it isn’t still warm enough to sit out and make the most of your outdoor area. Whether taking a quiet moment to yourself or entertaining friends and family, enjoy time outdoors and the beautiful haven you have created.

For casual conversation and informal dining, the Bahamas Sofa Set is just one great option, with its beautiful, yet durable, Petan® weave and premium Olefin® cushions for added comfort.

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Plus, with rain showers more likely during the autumn months, it’s worth noting that you won’t be rushing to bring cushions in or cover furniture because LifestyleGarden®’s ranges are designed to withstand all weather conditions. From fast-drying stain-resistant cushions, to maintenance-free finishes, the wide collection of outdoor furniture available from LifestyleGarden® is designed to make your life easier, whilst making a style statement.

With the cost-of-living crisis set to take hold in the UK this winter, we are making a concerted effort to keep prices low on our furniture. LifestyleGarden® wants to ensure that innovative, sustainable products are affordable for as many people as possible.



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