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Free delivery for orders over £100
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Can I buy LifestyleGarden® products directly from you?
You can only buy some products directly from us, including a selection of sets, maintenance products, covers, parasols, gazebos and accessories. Find all the products

For other furniture purchases from our current collection, find your local retailer through our store-locator.

You can contact your local retailer to check availability of our products in their stores and garden centres.

Where can I buy LifestyleGarden® products in a store near me?
If you are looking for a product that we don’t offer on our shop section.
you can find the nearest retailer of LifestyleGarden® furniture by using our store-locator
Where can I find the price of your products?
On our web you can only see prices for the products we sell. To find out prices of products we sell through our partners, please visit our store-locator to find a store near you and contact the retailer directly for price information: Store Locator
What is end of line products?
To help you find the right cover for your set we have prepared a Covers Guidelines where you can find our recommendations depending on the product you have at home. Find the guide here
What do I have to do if I need spare parts for my set?
If you are missing or need spare parts like screws, slats, cushions, extra back pieces for your sofa or you want to repair or replace a damage or broken piece, please contact us at or using the contact form below.
I don't have my assembly instructions; can I see them elsewhere?
Yes, of course. You can find assembly instructions in the dedicated section for this on every single product page or even watch them on our YouTube Channel


Is it safe to leave my furniture outside during the winter?
We recommend that you store your furniture safely during winter to shelter it from the most extreme conditions or at the very least protect the furniture with a cover. We recommend you store your cushions indoors during winter, or whenever they are not in use.
For further information, visit our materials and care section
If you want to find a cover, follow this link
How do I maintain my wood products?
We have a variety of products that are easy to use, in order to clean and protect your fabrics or wooden products or increase their longevity. Find all the information about products care visiting our Materials & Care section.
If you want to buy maintenance products
Are my cushions weather-proof?
LifestyleGarden® fabrics are suitable for outdoor use, throughout the year, but they are not weather-proof. The full cushions should be removed during periods of rain to avoid getting wet, and stored in a dry area during winter months.
If you want to buy the LifestyleGarden® cleaner and protector for your fabrics, visit our materials and care section.
If you want to find a cover.
Can I clean the cushions covers in the washing machine?
Stains in your cushions can be quickly and easily cleaned using LifestyleGarden® Textile cleaner. You can also remove the covers for easy washing in a machine below 40 degrees or by hand. Simply unzip, fold and carefully remove the foam filling


What is the estimated shipping cost and delivery time?
We usually dispatch orders within 3-5 working days. Shipping cost and delivery times will be calculated at checkout and determined primarily by product size.
-Standard ‘post box’ delivery: £2.90
-Small Parcel: £5 each
-Medium Parcel (up to 20kg): £8 each
-Free delivery for orders over £100
What can I do if the package or the content is damaged?
We have very strict quality control, but in the rare case that you receive a product that is faulty or an incorrect order by mistake you can send it back to us.
Should there be visible damage to the outer packaging, you must open the carton and inspect the items inside. If there is damage you have the option to reject the delivery, ensuring the driver notes this on the delivery receipt. Should you wish to receive the goods and subsequently find damages then you should take photographs of all defects and report this to us within 24 hours of delivery by sending these to
What if I want to return the items with a non-manufacturing issue?
If you have changed your mind or encounter a non-manufacturing issue and would like to return the items purchased, we require that all returned items must be in their original packaging and in the condition in which it was received in order to receive a full refund.
In this instance, the cost of returning your purchase to us is for your account. We recommend and can arrange for our in-house couriers to collect the goods from you and can provide you with a quote for this.
In instances where items are not returned to us in 100% resalable condition, we may withhold up to 20% of the product purchase value. This will be determined upon receipt of your return to us for assessment.
How can I receive the refund back?
Any amount to be refunded to you will be done so via Bank transfer on receipt of the returned goods.
We will contact you for nominated bank details.


How do I activate my product warranty?
You no longer need to activate the LifestyleGarden® warranty. Your warranty automatically commences from the purchase date. Please keep your receipt in a safe place as this will be needed later should you have any warranty concerns.
How long is my LifestyleGarden® warranty valid?
Your warranty is valid up to 5 years depending on the materials used in your product. Please follow this link to find out what the limited warranty covers.
LifestyleGarden® will repair or replace/refund any item within the warranty period from the date of purchase in accordance with The Consumer Rights Act 2015.
How can I claim the LifestyleGarden® warranty?
If you have a damaged item, first of all please read carefully if the limited warranty covers your damage item. Find out what the limited warranty covers..
Please contact your point of purchase. They will need the proof of purchase and pictures of the issue in order to claim on the warranty to the LifestyleGarden® warranty department on your behalf.
I lost my receipt. Is this required for a warranty claim?
Yes, if you want to claim on the warranty, the proof of purchase is necessary, together with pictures of the issue where the warranty department can evaluate the problem.


LifestyleGarden® is the perfect partner for your business or project. We have full control of the supply chain, delivering products that are ethically and environmentally responsible, made with premium materials and pass even the most dedicated of quality controls. You can mix and match our products to fill your container and last, but no least, we offer full support to our partners, from design to marketing.
If you have a business and want to be a LifestyleGarden® partner or you have a project in the contract sector and want to collaborate with us, please contact us at

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