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Indulge Yourself on Pancake Day

Feb 23, 2022

The countdown to Easter and the abstinence of lent is about to begin but not before we’ve all enjoyed a final feast on Shrove Tuesday (March 1st). Pancakes were the best way to clear out the cupboards and use up fats, eggs a­nd sugar before fasting started for Lent – hence the name, Pancake Day – but, with so many tasty options available these days, there’s nothing to say you can’t get more creative and treat yourself and any guests to a more indulgent and inspired breakfast or brunch feast.

Lay it all out

Forget flipping pancakes and just plonking them on a plate. Basic presentation will not cut it if you are trying to impress. Trend experts reveal that epic charcuterie spreads are big business and people are getting even more adventurous with these creative smorgasbords. Based on search terms from millions of its global users, Pinterest predicts that charcuterie-style displays with desserts, breakfast foods and Mexican taco boards will be big trends this year. Have fun with whatever theme or feast you want to have and really ‘wow’ your guests with a feast for the eyes as well as their stomachs. If you want to keep it traditional, then whip up a pancake platter, with a selection of mouth-watering toppings, with anything from fresh fruit and crème fraiche to crispy bacon and syrup.

Go back to your roots

We all do the frantic internet search or trawl through cookbooks in search of a perfect recipe for something you’ve already committed to cooking but this year, take time to tap into family traditions for your feast. Pinterest’s annual trend report forecasts that, in 2022, people will embrace their roots (or someone else’s); gathering round the table to enjoy traditional dishes from around the globe. Hit up your parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles for recipes and cook up a traditional feast for your guests to enjoy that celebrates your family history as much Shrove Tuesday. Whether you serve up Danish Rundstykker, Jamaican cornmeal porridge and hot chocolate tea, Scottish lorne sausage, yam and Nigerian egg sauce, or a full Welsh breakfast, complete with the must-have laverbread cake and cockles, your guests will be in for a treat with your ancestral eats. Alternatively, invite people to bring a home cooked dish and you can all have fun sharing food and the stories behind the recipes.

Come together

Worried your dining table looks a bit shabby for the event or won’t fit all your hungry guests round? Fear not because LifestyleGarden® has a fantastic selection of chic, sustainable furniture that can be used indoors and out. The dining sets are both elegant enough to suit your indoor décor, and durable enough to withstand whatever the British weather throws at them. Frost and UV resistance means, if this furniture lives outside for most of the year, it won’t crack or fade over time and will still make a style statement whenever you are entertaining. We have dining tables of all shapes and sizes, plus full dining sets – including the six-seater Nassau in sage green, or the Morella 8-seater set – for maximum impact and comfort.

Doing without

Conversation around the table may turn to what everyone is planning to give up for Lent this year. Rather than ditching chocolate, alcohol, or other predictable vices, you could make a pledge to give up something that makes a difference to the health of our planet.

You could give up:

  • single-use plastic – cut out the plastic water bottles, disposable drinks cups, choose products in recyclable packaging, buy loose fruit and veg instead of pre-packed, and make sure you carry a bag for life when food shopping
  • driving everywhere – try walking, cycling or taking public transport instead of the car
  • buying new – there are great places to buy second-hand clothes, toys, furniture and other goods, as well as fantastic rental firms, which is a greener way to consume and creates far less waste
  • buying from unethical companies – make more responsible choices and opt for brands that use sustainable or recycled materials, whose manufacturing processes have minimal impact on the environment and who is actively committed to positive change
  • Overseas travel – COVID opened our eyes to the wonders of the staycation, so explore what the UK has to offer and avoid the heavy carbon footprint of jetting off somewhere
Every little helps and, after 40 days, you may find you want to make a permanent change. Also, it does mean you don’t have to forgo the chocolate or wine…



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